Cory Lawrence

President & CEO, Off The Beaten Path

If pressed to describe himself in one sentence, Cory Lawrence will say “fifth generation boy from Johnson County, Wyoming.” Growing up in Wyoming instilled in him an appreciation of the great outdoors, a strong work ethic, and a knack for getting things done—whether the job calls for baling twine, a world map, or some serious pencil-to-paper effort. 

Lawrence joined the adventure travel company Off the Beaten Path in 2003 and two years later led the acquisition of the company by his family and company founders, Bill and Pam Bryan. Over the years, Lawrence has gained tremendous insight and experience in the travel and tourism industry, deepening Off the Beaten Path’s sterling reputation for crafting uniquely authentic, localized experiences for its travelers throughout the Americas, Australia, New Zealand, and select Pacific Islands. 
Lawrence graduated from the University of Notre Dame and lived for nearly eight years in San Francisco before returning to the Northern Rockies and settling in Bozeman with his wife and three children.